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The great difficulty with TMT’s programme was that it required the uprooting of a quarter of a million people - both Greek and Turkish Cypriots - and their removal from their historic and ancestral lands.

It is not surprising therefore that it was opposed by the vast majority of the island’s population.

It worked on the principle that the British and Turkish members at least equalled or outnumbered by one vote the Greeks.

The tactics of TMT, to provoke ethnic conflict when none would otherwise have arisen, were soon to be successful.

An attempt was also made on the life of Arif Barudi on 3 July 1958, and another one on Ahmet Sadi, the director of the Turkish office of the Pancypriot Labour Federation who, soon after the attempt against his life, left Cyprus to settle in England.During the course of 1957, TMT pressured the Turkish Cypriots into withdrawing from any co-operative ties they had with the Greek Cypriots and, on the whole, they were successful; this policy later became known as the `from Turk to Turk policy’.Such encouragement was entirely alien to the co-operation and quiet existence which had always prevailed between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, but was necessary to sow the seeds of partition.It did so without any consideration to likely casualties amongst innocent Greek and Turkish Cypriots.The first such serious inter-communal fighting began in June 1958 and was the result of such incitement which the Turkish authorities have subsequently been candid on a number of occasions.

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