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Trying to read all your personal conversations in Whats App?

Then, You must be looking for something like ‘How to Hide Whats App Chats? Today in this article – I’m going to talk about a very simple and easy to understand technique to Hide Whatsapp chats.

Forget the fancy changes being made to i OS, Android and Windows Phone. Here are some of the biggest Whats App alternatives.

Kik me is a common phrase online, and you’ll often see it attached to other social media profiles (often on Instagram).

Features include traditional messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, photo and video sharing, location sharing and the ability to share streaming content feeds.

We Chat is more of its own self-contained social network, allowing users to share, like and comment on photos, and easily chat with people nearby. LINE, which was originally developed under the Japanese arm of Naver Corporation, is a tremendously popular service that serves over 300 million registrants worldwide.

Another report claimed We Chat was the fifth most used smartphone app in the world as of Aug. It is, essentially, one of the biggest threats to Facebook and Whats App’s two-headed monster.

Many of people looking for how to hide chat in whatsapp without archive but there is no way or app to hide chat like this Most of the time you can delete the conversation after the chat.Getting back the hidden Chat is not a rocket science. But, I must say – this method will clearly add a protective layer to your important conversations. And, this method will help you against annoying friends.You can simply get back your data – using the similar method used to Hide it. But, the best advice – I can give is to avoid such friends.While smartphones continue to get faster and smarter, the one thing we continue to do is message.We actually send more messages now than SMS, over 19 billion every single day according to data from 2012.

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