Grey s anatomy 2x19 online dating

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There really wasn't any romance AT ALL between Maggie and Riggs, so everything would've been great had Meredith and Riggs decided to make their relationship a relationship.

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Ben Warren had to do an emergency C-section on her in Meredith's house on the kitchen table with basically no surgical instruments and poor April could feel every cut (seriously, I can't be the only one who had to look away during that part).

Throughout season 12, Alex proposed to Jo twice, both times she turned him down.

While she didn't actually say "no," she kept stalling.

Alex comes out of Izzie's room as he's putting on his pants and disappears into the bathroom. Meredith says nothing, but the others don't buy it. She says she's worked hard before to get a cute boy in bed. The ortho resident sees George sitting in the dark with his suitcase as she's leaving the hospital.

Izzie comes out into the hallway, greets her roommates, and notices the tension. In the locker room, the other interns notice how George and Meredith awkwardly try to avoid each other. Nurse Olivia is with Keith and his girlfriend when Burke and his interns come in. Burke tells Keith that scans revealed a very large mass around his heart. Denny hates that he yelled like a baby in front of the girl he's trying to impress. He's looking for his wife since she won't answer his pages, and he knows Bailey knows where she is. Derek says Bailey has to tell him because he saved her husband. Amy says you make plans in life, and none of them involve your life ending in the blink of an eye. Alex tells her to get over the fact that she slept with O'Malley. She introduces herself as Callie Torres and asks if he's going on a trip. She writes her number on his hand and asks him to give her a call when he gets back in town. Keith was admitted to the hospital after having a heart attack. They did an angiogram to find out more about the mass and discovered that it was actually a coronary artery aneurysm with a fistula into a heart chamber.

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